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H.E. Bergman & Season's Greetings


Burnaby Art Gallery
6344 Deer Lake Avenue V5G 2J3 Burnaby Canada
H. Eric Bergman (1893-1958) was a Winnipeg-based artist trained as a commercial wood engraver who later took up a fine art practice. Bergman’s engravings were often inspired by landscapes, flora and fauna. His work is held in several public collections, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This exhibition includes some of Bergman’s best known black-and-white wood engravings from the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection as well as private collections. In addition, personal items and tools complete a fascinating profile of one of Canada’s most celebrated printmakers.

In Season's Greetings a selection of handmade artist cards as well as greeting cards are on display. Featuring works by Alistair Bell, Thomassie Echalook, L.L. FitzGerald, William Kurelek, W.J. Phillips and many other notable artists. This exhibition includes an interactive wall where visitors can display their own seasonally-themed works.

Image credit: Henry Eric Bergman, Frosty Morn, c.1932, wood engraving on paper, 9.4x7.8 cm, City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection, Gift of Robert Hucal, photography by Harry Booth

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