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Ageing Gracefully with a Youthful Spine


Yoga Spirit & Wellness
5681 Goring Street V5B 0A3 Burnaby Canada
"You are as old as your Spine" (Chinese proverb).

In this 2.5hr workshop we will explore the interconnectedness of our spine with the whole body and how this affects the quality of our health and ability to age gracefully.

We will explore a gentle, restorative flow the BackMitra and the Five Tibetan Rites for healing, rejuvenation and longevity. Designed by the Lamas of Tibet, the Rites represent a system of exercises that affect the body, emotions and mind. The Tibetans claim that these exercises activate and stimulate the seven key chakras (energy centers within the body) that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system, responsible for the body's overall functioning and the ageing process. We will also use the BackMitra, an ingenious yoga prop to unravel tension in your spine and bring space into your whole body. The workshop is perfect for anyone that is interested in the health and longevity of their spine.

Variations will be given to make this workshop accessible to ALL body types and abilities.